Isotonic Drink Berries - Weight: 1000g

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Isotonic Drink Berries - Weight: 1000g 1000g In Stock 15,60 €
Isotonic Drink Berries - Weight: 1000g 500g In Stock 10 €

During physical activity, ions and minerals leave your body along with sweat, which need to be refilled after the exercise for health, regeneration and next training. At such moments, you shouldn´t drink just water! Edgar Isotonic Drink not only returns the right charges to your body, but also supports regeneration thanks to the magnesium contained.

The high sodium content, which gives the drink a slightly salty taste, improves hydration and together with potassium serves as a transmitter of nerve impulses. Potassium helps maintain stable blood pressure and regulates heart rate. Sodium and potassium are contained in an ideal ratio of 2-3: 1. The drink also includes chlorine, which is important for maintaining normal osmotic pressure in the body, water content in the body and for maintaining acid-base balance in the body. In combination with sodium and potassium the drink is responsible for tissue tension and supports normal muscle and nerve function


Glukóza bezvodá, Maltodextrin, Chlorid sodný, regulátor kyselosti: (kyselina citrónová bezvodá), Dihydrogenfosforečnan draselný, Hydrogenuhličitan sodný, Citronan hořečnatý, L-Askorbová kyselina, aroma: (lesní plody), D-Pantotenát vápenatý, Kyanokobalamin 0,1%, Pyridoxin hydrochlorid, Thiamin hydrochlorid.

Nutriční hodnoty na 50g

Energetická hodnota                         738kJ/176kcal

Bílkoviny                                          0g

Tuky*                                              0g

*z toho nasycené mastné kyseliny     0g

Sacharidy*                                      43,17g

* z toho cukry                                 34,22g

Sůl                                                 2g

Glukóza                                                      33,498 g 
Maltodextrin                                                10,250 g 
Vitamín C (L-Askorbová kyselina)                   310,000 mg
Vitamín B1 (Thiamin)                                    6,300 mg 
Vitamín B5 (Kyselina D-pantotenová)              30,250 mg 
Vitamín B6 (Pyridoxin)                                   7,500 mg 
Vitamín B12 (Kobalamin)                               12,500 mcq
Hořčík: Mg2+ (citronan hořečnatý)                 78,750 mg 
Celkový obsah sodíku                                     961,825 mg 
Na+ (chlorid sodný)                                       765,325 mg 
Na+ (hydrogenuhličitan sodný)                       196,500 mg 
Draslík: K+ (dihydrogenfosforečnan draselný)  309,750 mg 
Chlór: Cl- (chlorid sodný)                               1180,250 mg 

Category Energy
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