Find out how Edgar works

Edgar presents a source of peaceful and intelligent energy. Each of the 4 carbohydrates transforms into energy in a different way. Thanks to that Edgar can provide immediate energy as well as energy that is released gradually and provides strength over a longer period of time.

Edgar substantially extends sport endurance. The substances it contains improve physical performance, postpone fatigue, and prevent against hyperacidity.

Edgar provides recovery after sport, even when no other preparations are used. The added amino acids have a significant effect on recovery of the muscle mass.


Edgar gives energy

Having enough energy is the foundation in sports. And the best and fastest way to get immediate energy for your performance is to take in carbohydrates, well-mixed ones. And Edgar contains such a mix: a buddy that keeps you strong during an important race, or a demanding training session.

Smart carbohydrates for perfect performance

Edgar contains 4 types of carbohydrates, and each of them transforms into energy using a different mechanism. Glucose and sucrose, the basic carbohydrates, provide energy immediately. The compound carbohydrate maltodextrin releases glucose gradually, thus providing strength for a longer period of time. Isomaltulose is a carbohydrate with a low glycaemic index which maintains and optimises performance. A good team, simply said.

Useful carb assistants

It is required to make the most of carbohydrates. Thus, Edgar contains useful substances that make the use of carbs during a race or practice even more effective. The whey protein prolongs the release of glucose into the blood and provides quality food for the muscles. MCT fats are immediately absorbed during physical activity and transformed into an immediate source of energy.

Edgar: peaceful and intelligent strength

The ancient Greeks claimed that energy is, above all, a will, or an ability to act. The intake of selected nutrients during a race supports your will and ability to achieve the desired finish. And that’s what we want to achieve with Edgar. We have created a source of peaceful and intelligent strength that will cover up to 300 minutes of physical activity. It is only up to you how you will schedule and dose your “strength”. Be in charge of your energy; Edgar will not betray you.

Edgar extends endurance

The longer the endurance, the better the results. Common power drinks based on taurine, caffeine and similar substances might provide a good start but you forget you had them after half an hour. Edgar is developed to gradually release energy. Edgar thus substantially extends the time during which you are able to work at full speed.

Long-distance tracks with Edgar: a higher chance to win

Energy from carbs as such does not provide a long-standing endurance. Therefore, Edgar has other tricks up its sleeve: beta alanine, a non-essential amino acid, improves physical performance and postpones fatigue. Citrulline malate supports the transformation of fats into energy, protects against hyperacidity, and helps detox the liver.

Energy explosion without nausea and heavy stomach

Edgar provides as much energy as a regular meal. While a standard lunch slows you down due to complicated digestion, Edgar makes you feel light. Common energy stimulants are hard on the stomach and may cause nausea, which then has an adverse effect on overall endurance. You don’t have to worry about such things with Edgar; it is made without any artificial colours and chemical preservatives.

Long-lasting endurance for the body and brain

Glucose represents fast energy not only for the body, but also for the brain. A sufficient amount of glucose improves movement coordination, concentration and orientation in an unknown environment. Edgar provides a continuous supply of glucose to your brain so you can concentrate longer on what is important during practice, or a race.

Edgar accelerates body recovery

Training - race - rest is the holy trinity of every athlete. The recovery of the organism is crucial both after training and race, especially when the race takes place in stages. You can only compete or train at full speed when you have rested properly. Edgar can help you, even after a demanding sport load.

Essential BCAA amino acids: less tired muscles

Your body maintains a balanced glucose level during sport performance. When glucose runs out, the process of gluconeogenesis starts; glucose is made out of the glucoplastic amino acids. The BCAA amino acids have a significant effect on the recovery of the muscle mass. The body uses them as a direct source of energy, which prevents the relatively complicated gluconeogenesis. Glutamine also support recovery with its strong catabolic effect. With Edgar, your muscles do not get tired in vain and they recover better.

Rest even without recovery preparations

Naturally, there are preparations designed directly for organism recovery. But we have tested Edgar for a long time and we have found out that athletes recover well without any special products. When using Edgar, you don’t have to use any other recovery products. Edgar can perfectly substitute them.

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