Unique Czech Food Supplement
for Athletes

It combines 4 types of carbohydrates, whey protein, essential amino acids and MCT fats.

It increases energy during sport performance, extents endurance, and accelerates body recovery.

It is easy to digest and does not contain any preservatives or banned substances.
You can rely on Edgar when competing or training.
It provides intelligent fuel to your muscles.
Edgar Cranberry
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Pavel Paloncý Extreme runner and double winner of the Spin Race

“I compete in various conditions – in winter, in the mountains, at high altitude, in the desert or in the jungle. The conditions vary as much as you can imagine but the adaptation to the extreme conditions is a part of the success. I have always relied on Edgar in all those conditions and I have always functioned the same – perfectly.”

Pavel Paloncý

Michal Rajniak Extreme athlete and the European Spartan Race champion

“I run races with different lengths and I had to think about how to keep my energy until the finish, what to eat before races, how many drinks to take with me etc. Now I only think about what flavour to have and whether take Edgar with me on the trail or not. I usually take it with me when the race or training exceeds 2 or 3 hours. Otherwise, I only take it before the race. I’m maximally satisfied and recommend it.”

Michal Rajniak

Jiří Vacík Extreme athlete and the best Czech at the European OCR competitions

“I’ve been doing sports all my life and sport means everything to me. At this time, I mostly focus on extreme obstacle races. My training sessions are usually long and the races are even longer. Edgar keeps me moving without energy fluctuations and so I can manage longer trails and more demanding challenges.”

Jiří Vacík

Martin Vaňka Trainer and mental coach of the Como-3gym and the 2017 Silver Trainer

“When we compete with the boys at representative events and have several matches in a row, Edgar helps us win! Thai box is no doubt one of the most demanding sports. And that’s why our demands on food supplements are high!”

Martin Vaňka

Martina Čibová Terrain runner and the winner of Tatra Running Tour Extreme 2017

“I run for joy, I enjoy it and sometimes I even run surprisingly fast. Trails and hills are my favourite but you can also see me running on flat lands. Edgar is energy packed for longer trips. I don’t have to think about how to get energy during a race or a long run. I have Edgar and enjoy running without any energy fluctuations.”

Martina Čibová

A Buddy for Each Race and Training Session

You work hard, you train, and you race. No matter what a track awaits you, you are always there for yourself. Only you and your body, as a perfectly working machine. You run, you climb, you swim, and you cycle. You want to be the best. You can’t afford to cave in. Edgar will keep you strong and give you energy when you need it the most. With Edgar, you can win.

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