Your energy for all challenges

Push your limits with the powerdrink which will supply you with energy without any fluctuations while training and racing even for several hours.

Your backup batery from which you can draw the energy directly during your physical performance.

Your energy for all challenges

Edgar is with you

Do you have a tough challenge ahead? Do you want to push your limits? You can rely on Edgar under all circustances.

It will supply you with energy during your training and race. It helps you with your regeneration. It supplies you with strength. It rewards you for your performance. Whathever product you choose you can rely on making it of the best quality raw materials, it´s free from any sweeteners, dyes or caffeine.

You will never be in troubles with Edgar that´s why czech and slovak elite runners, cyclists, triathletes and OCR representative athletes rely on Edgar. Whatever challenge is ahead Edgar will face it with you!







Jožo Hlavčo Uphill Runner & Track Record Holder
to Slavkovský štít, Choč, Red Bull 400 Štrbské Pleso

I race in uphill running. I like that this fair discipline takes place in nature and is kind to the body. Training requires long volume, but also intensive units. Interval running, skialp with an elevation gain of 3,000 m or, for example, 120 km on a bicycle - Edgar will reliably cover all this with its composition.

Jožo Hlavčo

Jiří Petr Representative of Czech Republic in ultra trail and skyrunning

Mountain ultra trails can´t do without a good portion of energy. Proper completion of energy often determines success. Before I knew Edgar, I tried many other supplements. But only Edgar can supply me with energy for a really long time and, in addition, it is gentle on the stomach. It also helps me with regeneration, which is extremely important.

Jiří Petr

Marek Causidis Ultra marathon & skyrunning
Three-time B7 winner and two-time Czech champion

I have been running for 10 years, during that time I have tried countless nutritional supplements and many times I could confirm how important it is to properly replenish energy not only in races, but also during intensive trainings. Only Edgar is able to fully cover my energy needs and also helps me with regeneration.

Mára Causidis

Patrik Milata Ultra runner

Edgar is a perfect partner for me in various running situations. It has the main benefit before and during the run, when it provides enough energy for the body, but I often use it even after intensive training, when it is necessary to supplement with quality carbohydrates and proteins.

Patrik Milata

Richard Hynek World champion in Spartan Trifecta Weekend

I prefer longer distances of about 20-30 km in running, where I need to have enough energy. And that's what Edgar helps me with! Edgar doesn´t work like typical energy gels or drinks, so there is no risk of a sudden onset and drop in blood sugar.

Richard Hynek

Pavel Paloncý Extreme runner and double winner of the Spine Race

I compete in various conditions – in winter, in the mountains, at high altitude, in the desert or in the jungle. The conditions vary as much as you can imagine but the adaptation to the extreme conditions is a part of the success.

Pavel Paloncý